Made-to-Measure for Women

Our made-to-measure system for women is successfully applied by our business partners since 2004.

We use try on sets for fitting. Necessary alterations are then defined based on the best-fitting size.

With the available sizes of 32 to 60 we are able to offer made-to-measure clothing to almost any customer.

To give each piece of clothing an individual design, apart from the measurement changes we provide you with a number of style options. For the jacket some examples are different lapels, hemlines, pocket shapes, number of buttons and their positions, to name only a few.

Your customer can choose from more than 400 fabrics and 100 linings in our stock. But you can also send us your own fabric or lining for production.

Twice a year we add new style options and fabrics to the program so even your long-term customers will continually find something new.

Regular delivery times are around 4 weeks. This can vary depending on the country. We also offer express delivery within approximately 12 working days.

Before starting with this system, we offer and recommend a one-day training here in Hamburg.

For more details on the program, please advance to the subchapters or contact us directly.